Thursday, April 2, 2015

God Brings New Life Out of Ruins

“For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive” (I Corinthians 15:22).

When you think of ruins, what comes to mind?  The crumbling foundation of an historical site or buildings devastated by a natural disaster?  Ruins are the remains of something that has been destroyed, collapsed, or decayed, and our lives may seem to be in ruins due to chronic health problems.

I have had times over the years when I felt my life was in ruins:  back problems that forced me to give up many physical activities; a post-cancer mental and emotional breakdown; fibromyalgia that caused me to give up my job; eye problems that began limiting my reading and writing. 

But God has brought new life out of my ruins.  A weak back has strengthened my self-discipline, priorities, and adaptability.  Prayer, Scripture, and Christian books continue to teach me the healing power of a Holy Spirit-controlled mind, which I can share with others.  Not working has allowed me more time for other God-given ministries.  Eye issues have caused me to divide my time more evenly between activities, which has actually helped my overall pain.

With Christ’s death on the cross, the disciples must have felt that their lives were in ruins.  Jesus appeared to be dead and gone.  And from a spiritual standpoint, it seemed that Satan had triumphed.  But out of the ruins of Christ’s death God brought resurrection victory and eternal life. 

Because of Easter, we are new creations.  That means new ways of looking at things.  The same power of God that brought life out of death can bring new attitudes and adjustments in us, and our ruins are the perfect opportunity for Him to do it.  So let’s expect to see new life come from those ruins as we claim the victory of Easter.
Prayer:  O Lord, You know how health problems seem to ruin my life.  Yet You bring good out of all things.  Let me see my ruins as opportunities for You to do a new work in me, and let me never lose sight of the victory that is mine because of Easter.  Amen.







  1. Hello Bronlyn-- I very much enjoy your blog. :) I have fibro as well, and a new struggle with epilepsy. I always thought if it was not for fibromyalgia I would never had been able to spend so much time with my kids and to enjoy homemaking, writing & art. :) God knows what he is doing, and yes out of ruins comes life & blessing!

  2. Thank you Mary! I checked out your blog, and I can relate to scheduling things so as not to overdo on any given day -so challenging! It sounds like you are very crafty. I enjoy making handmade cards. Crafts are great outlets, aren't they? I pray we both can continue to see new life from ruins, and have a blessed Easter!