Friday, March 20, 2015

What Should I Wear Today?

 “Clothe your-selves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature”
(Romans 13:14).

Spring and summer are coming here, and one of the things I like about four seasons is wearing a variety of clothing.  However, one inconvenience of my fibro is being overly sensitive to cold and heat.  Some days, deciding what to wear is very challenging.  

The heat of summer doesn’t always mean I can wear less.  Depending on air conditioning settings, I may have to wear long underwear in the summertime.  In winter, I wear at least three or four layers so I can take something off if I get too hot.  When we travel, I may end up in the back seat shedding clothes while my husband guards the car doors!

Given my enjoyment of (and problems with) clothes, this verse in Romans interests me. How do I “wear” Jesus?

Various commentaries identify at least two explanations.  One is to remember that we are clothed with Jesus’ righteousness, including His grace and forgiveness.  The other is to imitate His example, following His commandments and responding the way He would.

As I get dressed in the morning, I can thank God that no matter how many times I fail in my Christian walk, in God’s eyes my spiritual wardrobe of the day will not be stained with spills of anger, guilt, or faithlessness.  I’m wearing the righteousness of Jesus.

Each time I put on or take off a sweater or coat (or long underwear J), I can examine my current attitude and see what needs to be changed.  Perhaps I need to take off complaining and put on praise, or take off worry and put on peace.

It may require some energy and attitude adjustment to change my spiritual clothes throughout the day, but “wearing Jesus” is a beautiful wardrobe that fits any season or temperature year-round.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, as I experience the physical discomforts of my days, give me the awareness and desire to clothe myself with Your attributes rather than my attitudes.  And thank you that even when I “wear” the wrong thing, You see me as righteous and perfect in Your sight.  Amen.

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