Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Passive Action of Waiting

"My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him" (Psalm 62:5 KJV).

"In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly" (Psalm 5:3).

Life is full of waiting periods.  There are the positive waits to reach certain milestones or longed-for events. There are the annoying waits in shopping lines and traffic lanes. And if we live with ongoing pain or illness, there are the seemingly endless waits for medical appointments, test results, treatment plans, and hoped-for relief.

In addition to waiting countless times for treatment and results concerning my own health problems, my husband and I have been waiting for years to find treatments for his tremor and nutcracker esophagus that would be effective without intolerable side effects.  We are currently working with more new medicines, waiting and seeking.

Waiting can be frustrating and difficult because we want action and results now.

Charles Stanley describes waiting as passive action.  In one sense we passively can do nothing. We can’t speed things up or change God’s ordained plan for our lives, including our suffering.  But we can change how we wait.

Instead of waiting in anxiety or frustration, we can wait in peace and hope. We can choose to believe in faith that God’s timing and control are the best for us.  When tempted to give in to frustrations and fears, we can lay our requests before the Lord and wait in expectation. 

This life will always involve waiting. If nothing else, we are waiting to go home to God.  But while we wait, we can act. Will our actions include bringing God our requests, meditating on Scripture, claiming His promises, and looking for signs of His presence – actions that will bring calmness and peace?  Or will our actions of fretting, complaining and anger keep us tense, exhausted, and hopeless?

Waiting can have purpose. It can be an opportunity to strengthen our faith, grow in self-discipline, and show the power of God in our lives to others.

Prayer:  O Lord, You know how tired I get of waiting.  I want relief from my suffering.  I want answers to my problems.  And I want these things sooner rather than later.  Give me the grace to see and use these times of waiting as ways to know and rely more on You.  As I do, replace my frustrations and worries with Your peace and hope.  Amen.

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