Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Best GPS for Navigating the Roads of Pain and Illness

“As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless”
(Psalm 18:30).

I recently took a trip with my mother and we used our GPS.  We also took a map, but neither my mother nor I read it.

We totally relied on the GPS, which was fine until we were in a large city and lost all satellite reception. Without the GPS we were lost.  Thankfully the Lord guided us to helpful people and we made it to our destinations safely, but I learned an important lesson.  A GPS is great but I need to have a map as well – and read it!

Chronic health problems are a hard road to travel and it is easy to get lost.  A new pain or problem, the unknowns of future health, decisions about treatments, or making commitments can all leave me wandering around trying to find my way.

During those times I want answers from God, preferably through a voice or sign.  Sometimes He does that through advice from doctors, family, or friends, information from the internet, book, or magazine, or a prompting from the Holy Spirit - all of which are wonderful aids in guiding me when I’m lost.

But my one constant referral source should be the “map” of Scripture.  The Bible may not mention my problems by name, but if I examine the root of my concerns, they are all issues that God addresses in His word.  I need freedom from fear and anxiety.  I need wisdom to make right choices.  I need strength to fight against despair or hopelessness.  None of those are roads down which I want to travel.  They all lead to lostness.  The map of Scripture will keep me on the right road if I follow God’s routes.

A GPS is a huge help but nothing replaces a good map.  Likewise, we can appreciate and make use of the various tools God brings into our lives to help us navigate the roads of suffering, but His Word is the best positioning system.  Praise God that Word is always accurate and available, and the only way we will lose reception is if we choose not to read it. 

Prayer:  O Lord, Your Word is the best source of direction for traveling the difficult roads of this life.  Help me be faithful to read and follow it at all times.  Amen.

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