Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Avoiding Becoming “Root Bound” in Our Pain

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (II Peter 3:18).

Although I am a novice container gardener, I do know that plants will not remain healthy if they become root bound.  They need the appropriate containers to grow properly.

Sometimes I feel root bound in my “life pot” of pain.  My physical limits are confining and keep me from expanding into areas that I would enjoy.  My pain and problems are like a tangled mass of roots in a pot that is the wrong size for what I consider to be my good growth.

There are several ways to prevent plants from becoming root bound.  One is to transplant them to different pots.  In reference to our lives of pain, this may involve God “planting” us in different situations or ministries that are adapted to our disabilities.

A friend and I have started a handmade card ministry.  Neither of us would have considered doing this before, yet through a God-ordained process we have discovered this enjoyable and meaningful use of our time which we are able to pursue despite our pain.  We never expected to be in this “pot”, yet God has transplanted us there, and we are growing.

Plants may also be divided and moved into smaller pots. At times God may “divide” us, and our worlds become smaller as we give up certain things.  Difficult as this may be, if we adapt to these smaller pots, we will continue to grow in new ways as we seek to learn more of God and display His glory to others.

God may transplant us to bigger pots, or we may be divided into smaller ones.  Whatever sized pot God chooses for us, we will avoid becoming root bound by continuing to deepen our knowledge of and love for Him and being open to new ways in which He wants to grow us.  As we stay rooted in Him, we will remain healthy plantings of the Lord, whether our pot is big or small.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, however and wherever you choose to transplant me, may I continue to grow in the knowledge of You and Your grace and mercy.  As I maintain that mindset, I will display your grace and glory to others.  Amen.


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