Monday, February 25, 2013

God is with Us through Painful Transitions in Life

“Surely, as I have planned it, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will stand”
(Isaiah 15:24).

A few weeks ago my father passed away from cancer.  It was quite a shock, since he died within two weeks of the diagnosis.  This has brought major changes into our lives, particularly for my mother.  Adjusting to being alone after 57 years of marriage is not easy.   She is now downsizing to a smaller apartment which will bring more changes.  But God is working things out in merciful and wonderful ways, and for that we are truly thankful.

In his book Nearing Home, Billy Graham says, “God designs transitions and provides the grace to embrace what follows.”  Those words bring me great comfort, although I am not always happy with the transitions God has for me. Pain and illness bring many transitions, yet God has an ordained plan for my life that He has purposed from the beginning.  He will provide the grace to not only survive it but to accept it and to readjust.

God’s Word is filled with lives of transition.  Moses went from prince to shepherd to leader of Israel. Abraham left his homeland and became a nomad to follow God. The disciples gave up their livelihoods and relationships for Jesus to the point of death.  These examples and many others in Scripture must have been difficult, yet we know the blessings that resulted from them.

Living life with God is never stagnant.  Change will come, but His grace and presence are with us.  Every transition provides an opportunity to see more of His power and strength in our lives.

As I help my mom move on to a new phase, I need to be willing to do the same.  Whatever transitions I have yet to face may not be easy, but they are bringing me to my final destination of perfection and endless joy – and that’s a transition I am ready to make.

Prayer:  O Lord, you have ordained my days before I was even born.  Give me a positive and trusting attitude as I move through the transitions in my life, knowing that You are working all things for my ultimate good.  Amen.

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