Saturday, September 29, 2012

Even When My World Changes, God Remains the Same

“I the Lord do no change”
(Malachi 3:6).

I know many changes are good and keep life from becoming monotonous, but I usually don’t handle them too well. 

One of my favorite department stores has been completely remodeled, moving different sections around and displaying an ultramodern look.  It may be more up-to-date, but I don’t like it – at least not yet!  My nearest grocery store no longer carries many food items that I buy, which means more trips to other stores.  Fall is here and that’s a mixed change for me as well.  The weather and colors are lovely but I can become down about the upcoming bleakness and coldness of winter.

Of course these changes don’t compare to the physical ones experienced through ongoing pain and illness.  Chronic health problems require major life changes and are difficult to face.  Even though I have lived with my problems long enough to have adapted, I still have moments each season when I struggle with changes.  Many of them revolve around physical activities but some are also based on my environment and relationships.

The one constant in my life that is always positive and never monotonous is God.  His character is eternally consistent and amazing.  Although He experiences emotions, He is not controlled by them.  He is the One I can always run to when sorrow or emptiness overtake me.  And just as He is faithful in being there to love and listen, He is also there to lift me up and help me become more flexible and positive about new situations.

There are some things about my pain that will always be difficult for me on earth.  Yet God’s unchanging compassion, grace, strength, mercy, love, and forgiveness will always be there to carry me through.  And I have the hope and certainty of knowing that whatever changes I experience throughout eternity will be good ones, praise God!

Prayer:  Dear Lord, what a comfort it is to know that no matter how unstable my life or this world becomes, You remain unchanging.  As I learn to adapt to difficult changes help me see the positive aspects of them, knowing that all change is under Your constant, divine control. Amen.


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