Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lessons Learned from a Woodpecker

“He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed” 
(Isaiah 50:4b).

Most of us probably long to hear God’s voice speaking directly to us.  In our lives of pain we want answers.  I believe God does speak to me but not always in the ways I expect, and I had a humorous example of this recently.

Each morning I pray for the Lord to satisfy me with His unfailing love, because I quickly allow the fears and concerns of my health to rob me of this Biblical truth as well as others.  One morning I was apprehensive about some dental work to be done that day as well as some ongoing concern about my eyes. 

I love hearing the birds in the morning and I open my window while praying.  We have a red-bellied woodpecker that comes to my feeder.  Each spring he also enjoys drilling on our drain pipes, and this year he is drilling more often than usual.  Sometimes I get quite annoyed with him!  That morning as I was praying rather desperately about my teeth and eyes, he began drilling loudly. 

In that drilling God spoke very clearly to my spirit - “How many times do I have to drill into your head the truth that I love you, that you don’t need to fear anything because I will be you through it, that my grace has been sufficient for 54 years and always will be?  These physical problems are my ways of drilling these truths into your head until you learn to trust me completely.”

I laughed out loud.  God can be quite creative in His teaching methods.  I was still not looking forward to the dentist but I knew I would make it through.  I also knew God would direct me concerning my eyes.  Now I am praying I will learn my lessons completely and move on.  I am ready for a break from the drilling and God probably is too!

Prayer: Lord how thankful I am that You love me enough to keep teaching me even when I am a slow learner.  Help me be aware of the ways You reveal Your love and grace to me and may I learn my lessons well.  Amen.

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